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SPRING CREEK  Our Premium Canadian Spring Creek beef is raised  without antibiotics or added hormones. Our fourth-generation, family-owned ranch is located in the heart of pristine Alberta  farming country. Here we use Nature’s simple recipe (fresh air, clean water, and prairie grains) to produce tender, flavourful beef that offers a unique blend of savory flavor and nutritional benefits. Spring Creek is our home and it is where we build opportunity for family and community. That’s why we embrace innovative technology to ensure environmental sustainability and it’s the reason we’re passionate about safeguarding the future of wholesome food production – just as Nature intended.
MAPLE HILL  SPECIALTY CHICKEN Maple Hill Farms is a family operated business located in the small farming community of Mt. Lehman, in the central Fraser Valley. The Regehr family has been involved in the poultry industry for over thirty years. Maple Hill chickens are raised medication free, given plenty of natural light and room to move freely. They are fed vegetable based rations which contain no growth hormones, and are 100% free of animal by-products. 
BRADNER ORGANIC CHICKEN Since 1912 the Donaldson family has been farming in the beautiful Bradner Community nestled in the Fraser Valley. In 1999 Bradner Farms became the 1st certified organic fluid milk producer in Western Canada. The milk is distributed by Salt Spring Dairy under the AVALON and VALLEY PRIDE brand names. Bradner Farms also produces certified organic eggs and chicken. These birds not only have three times more living space and natural daylight in their chicken houses, but they also have access to the outdoors. The feed is 100% certified organic, free of animal by-products, growth promotants and anti-biotics. Bradner Farms is a very well kept operation which is regularly inspected by organic inspectors and licensed by British Columbia Marketing Boards. This is to ensure the consumer that they will be purchasing a safe and humanly produced products with high standards of quality control. We hope you enjoy your good health with our products.  
J.D. FARMS SPECIALTY TURKEY Turkeys raised under the J.D. Farms SPECIALTY TURKEY CERTIFICATION fed a natural diet of grain, vitamins and minerals without any anti-biotics or animal by products. The turkeys are raised in spacious • Grain Fed • No Animal Bi Products • Antibiotic Free • Exceptional Flavour • Stringent Certification Program 
PARADISE VALLEY PORK The Sunderlands grow more than 75% of their feed requirements on their own farm, and purchase the rest from their neighbors in order to ensure the best quality feed for their animals. The Sunderland family is very proud of their free range hog farm, and we think you will be just as pleased with the quality and taste of Paradise Valley Free Range Pork.`
OPAL VALLEY LAMB The subtle taste is the result of lambs that have been allowed to graze freely in a clean environment where clover and rye grasses abound in lush meadows. No antibiotics or growth promotants. Bringing you a natural and healthy product is our commitment to you.  
DIAMOND WILLOW ORGANIC BEEF  These cows graze naturally on the lush native grasses that grace the Eastern Slopes of the Canadian Rocky Mountains in Southern Alberta. Diamond Willow families manage their ranch operations to produce a distinctive beef free of antibiotics or artificial growth hormones. They are certified organic producers raising cattle on native grass and organic hay grown without the use of artificial fertilizers.  
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